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A new update has been released to the Wild. Monsters may now spawn an "augmented" version of the monster and it will be colour coded. The augmented monster will have Double of a certain stat. Its up to you to figure out what colour is for what stat, and whether you want to share the info or not!


Hello players!! I will have no net until midweek as Im moving house - For any issues please speak with Kenpachi for in game questions, or Luciam for Bugs and/or Error Messages. When reporting errors, please use mail and please include:

The URL of the page
A copy of the exact error message

Thank you all for your patience with us through the server issues and move the last few days, and when I'm back we will get to work on the final touches!! - Dan

We have moved host again... Unfortunately this does mean we lost around 6 hours data (from around 3pm this afternoon - February 6th). We have moved to a new server on DigitalOcean which will hopefully give us the freedom we need.

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