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Spawns have been fixed!! I apologise for the break, as that was a total oversight on my part. When we changed monsters to display ONLY the ones you have spawned yourself, I forgot that the lands also only showed the first 11 mobs spawned on that world. Even if it wasn't your spawn, it still counted in the 11. That's now been extended to 111.


PvP and PvM battles will now factor in your strength/wisdom depending on the weapon type you have equipped. This will add to the range of damage your weapons can inflict.

PvP should now also work better, and stop timing out.

Critical Hit Chance and CH Damage have also been added to battles, as they also were not working as intended.

The workout center now includes a description of the boosts from each stat point type.

The following updates have been released to the game:

Combat Recode,
Augmented Monsters,
20% Bonus EXP and Cogs are won when fighting Augmented Monsters,
Newly balanced chests, with chances for dud and explosive chests,
Buying land guards,
Buying land doors,
Door challenge for land takeovers,
Race Levelling up with Gems has been replaced with Race EXP
Race EXP accrues per battle. You randomly gain between 0 and 2 Race EXP per fight (PvM + PvP)
Hospital Bug has been fixed,
Equipment and Weapon stores have been replaced with a Store per each "Stat God"

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