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Hello everyone! I would like to say a big thank you to everyone playing LT right now. The Alpha phase is officially complete! You will be pleased to know that we are working on programming the BETA at present. We will keep you posted via the email address that you registered to the game with regarding any updates and when you can expect the BETA to be online and playable. You can of course keep playing this Alpha state of Lost Talismans but please do be aware that your characters will be reset at the BETA and you will need to re-sign up to the BETA when it is ready. Please do watch both this space and your game registered email addresses for more information!

Please Note: You can register to take part in the building of the Lost Talismans BETA by emailing beta@lost-talismans.co.uk with your current in game username so we know who has registered interest.


Monsters have been weakened by 20% as a result of feedback from players. We hope this makes your gaming experience more enjoyable and comfortable.


In light of recent game development discussions, it has been agreed to scrap the prayers in the church.

Thank you all for helping us test this feature. It has become apparent that it sadly has no real place within the game, but not everything we program in and test in BETA will end up in the live release. After all, that is what BETA is for!
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