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We're making buttloads of changes. If anything goes wonky, you'll know why.

Let us know you find any game breaking bugs that don't go away after 5 mins.


Hi All!

We have a new version of the game due to be released for BETA testing in the next week or so. If you would like to participate in the testing please mail me and let me know.

You will receive an in-game rewards package when the new version has completed BETA testing and is released.

Many Thanks!

Hello, everyone!

Thank you for continuing to help us develop Lost Talismans during the BETA phase. We are currently working on a brand new, completely rebuilt version of the game that we are super excited about, and can't wait to share with you all! If you see changes here (items/shops changing), it's because we are adjusting the database for the new version. Please continue to report any bugs you may find, we greatly appreciate your input. 


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