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Gathering is being redeveloped as part of a much bigger and better idea (Thanks Migitman!), and as such has been removed from the Wild for now, but it will make a re-appearance very soon


You can now upgrade your personal building! To do so, open your shack.

Please note that at present, the only effect of this is that your midnight tax will be reduced from 5% by 1% per upgrade, to a minimum of 1%.

The next task is Clans. This will be released as a full expansion and will include:

Personal Building 'Slots' for extra upgrades,
A final Personal Building level, which will give Tax Exemption at midnight,
Clan Buildings,
The second City,
New Gear

This will be a big project, but I will keep you updated throughout

  • Pixel has received a new shipment of gear in the Offhand store!
  • We are aware of a bug in the World Maps that has ghosting links from previous zones. This should be fixed soon. If you have trouble traveling to a location, try clicking the left-most portion of the button. 
  • There is a bug with blocking that we are fixing soon.

Happy Hunting!

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