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Gathering and Homelands, as well as personal buildings, have been released!! Please read the wiki for all your Gathering info. Feel free to ask in chat if you need any help!

All players have been given 1,000 free cogs to help returning players who have been inactive for an extended period of time.

All players also have around 2,000 battles of double XP and cogs. Type /double in chat to see how many you have left!

 If anyone wants to participate in testing Homelands, please apply for Neverpants Ranch.

Please Note: We are also working on gathering, and a more accurate ETA is to follow - hoping some time this week

Gathering is being redeveloped as part of a much bigger and better idea (Thanks Migitman!), and as such has been removed from the Wild for now, but it will make a re-appearance very soon

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