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An incursion is coming,

All ye filth, and rot.

Remember we, your victims,

Lest ye forgot.

Ye descended upon us without mercy,

Though peace is what we sought.

To be rid of our species,

Free is what you thought.

Evolution saved our people,

Delivered from our lot.

Now fear the Crypt of Calamis,

Where slaughtered, we were not.


Portion of a note recovered from a Rekelian courier:

'...of military formations in the Southwest region of Enderall. No scout has successfully returned when sent in to investigate further. The only insight we have is that the banners being flown are reminiscent of an ancent design that we know only from the historical texts. Is it possible tha...'


'The Deathwood Tokens seem to be emitting a magic aura that we haven't yet identified. In some preliminary tests, we placed a few Tokens in a cage with a field mouse. Within 24 hours, that field mouse had grown twice in size. So far, no negative side effects have been found from this rapid growth.

On another note, we've also observed that Deathwood Tokens, although seemingly comprised of 100% Deathwood, do not float. When introduced to variously-sized containers of water, they sink instantly to the bottom without resistance.'

-Grand Mage Yelvikar

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